Lovers in Dangerous (Economic) Times

by Andrew & Ericka Stephens-Rennie

Precisely two years ago today, we were married at Trinity Anglican Church in Cambridge, Ontario. Our wedding was in many ways rooted in the community in which we met – the early morning, blurry-eyed Wine Before Breakfast community at the University of Toronto.

Our friends Dave and Sue, part of the Wine Before Breakfast band, led the music. Rev. Andrew Asbil from the Church of the Redeemer conducted the service, serving the bread and wine somewhere around 11:30, which was decidedly after breakfast.

All of this came to the relief of our guests who’d traveled from near and far to celebrate with us, and were not entirely willing to attend a 7:30am wedding ceremony – no matter how much they loved us.

We figured that’s about time that we published the sermon from that day. Preached by Brian Walsh, whose friendship continues to mean so much to us, this was by far one of the greatest highlights of our day, and for many of our guests. (You know, outside of the whole marriage vows and whatever). Thanks Brian! It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years.

You can read the full-text of the sermonĀ here.

2 Responses to “Lovers in Dangerous (Economic) Times”

  1. Sue

    That was probably the best sermon I’ve ever heard Brian give – thanks for posting.

  2. David F

    Congratulations on 2 years, and thanks for posting that sermon. Very, very refreshing.


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