Breaking Down the Man Box

by Andrew Stephens-Rennie

For whatever reason, Mark Driscoll and his crew are planning to invade Canada, sometime in October. And why not? With our loose moral values, socialist agenda, and belief that women are to be considered persons, the time may just be ripe to remind men to Act Like Men.

And so they’re doing what men do – they’re holding a conference. Bless them.┬áIn response, some friends at Eucharist Church and The Story in Southern Ontario started toying with the idea of holding a parallel “Don’t Act Like Men” event around the corner from Driscoll’s conference in Hamilton Ontario. For some reason, this gets people riled up (more on that later).

But for now, check out this great TED Talk from Tony Porter deconstructing the Man Box. My friend Michelle from REED put me onto it. You can be sure no clips from this will make it into any of Driscoll’s promo videos.

[ted id=1031]

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4 Responses to “Breaking Down the Man Box”

  1. Rebecca J

    I quoted this TED talk in the first draft of my diss. but sadly it did not make the final cut

    • andrew

      Rebecca – I’d love to read your dissertation sometime. Is it available online anywhere?


  2. Luke

    “My liberation as a man, is tied to your liberation as a woman.” Powerful!


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